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Corporate team building in japan

Canyons has been the "go to" company for outdoor based corporate team building in Japan for over 20 years. We have created custom programs for 100's of companies, from small groups of 10 up to 200+ people. Our professional outdoor guides will ensure safety, while our experienced facilitation staff will help you to achieve your companies goals by relating core concepts back to the work environment. Some of the concepts we regularly work with;

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Communication

This can be provided in a very formal setting over multiple days or a more casual manner over one day, depending on the desired outcomes of the event and the corporate culture. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your goals and needs and customize a program for your group. We can offer programs in Minakami (75mins from Tokyo), Okutama (90mins from Shinkuku) or come to you if needed. If you are unsure of what you need read this article on the stages of team formation or contact us for a consultation.


Popular team building events

Some examples of popular events we provide:

  • Raft race
    Small to large groups (20-200+). Teams are split into groups of 15-20 people (2-3 rafts) and have to perform certain challenges as they descend down the Tone River. Points are gained for each challenge overall time. Teams must decide on their strenghts and when to play their "Joker card" for double points. A lot of strategy, planning, communication and FUN!
  • The great hunt
    Small to large groups (10 - 200+). Teams navigate around a series of courses collecting clues to solve the overall puzzle. Points are awarded for accomplishments and time around the course. The difficulty of the challenges and course length can be customized to suit each company.
  • Multi-sport race
    Small to medium groups (10 - 60+).A mini adventure race using many forms of transport; running/walking, cycling, rafting, swimming and canoeing. Each course is setup for the size and level of the participants.
  • Raft building
    Small to large groups (10 - 100+). Teams use materials to construct a raft that they then must race around a circuit on a lake. First raft to complete construction gets pole position, but will it hold up around the course?
  • Bridge building
    Small to medium groups (10 - 60+). Teams work together to construct a bridge over the river. Rules can change mid game, so stay on your toes! (Just like the business environment)
  • Igloo challenge
    Teams of 4-10 people work together to create the perfect igloo using our "icebox" igloo making tools. The igloos can then be used to either have a team meal or sleep in.
  • Competitive snowball fight (yukigassen)
    If your team works in a competitive and fast paced environment then you will love this. The perfect mix of strategy, speed and execution is required to come out KING of the RING!

Standard Adventure options


Eat, drink and relax



Enjoy a delicious lunch on our riverside deck. All food prepared fresh daily from local ingredients.


バーベキュー キャニオンズ


Relax at our riverside BBQ area, enjoy a cold beer and hang out around a grill. Hmmm BBQ!


cafe snack

Cafe & Bar

Try out one of the local craft beers or grab a snack. Hang out with the guides after your tour.




Great deals on Minakami accommodation to make the most of your time.



If your company doesnt need team building but just a venue for an off-site meeting then Canyons can provide all of the hospitality needed; gourmet BBQ, acitivites and accommodation. There are also many nearby accommodation options if you would like to go more "upmarket".

We can also create incentive packages to reward your hard working staff.  



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