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Great discounts on your favourite adventure packages

From Septemebr 1st Canyons will be offering a limited number of products to be used with the government Go To campaign.  Get 35% off select accommodation and adventure packages and an extra 15% in local area coupons! (coupons start from October)

Go To requirements:

September 1-30th

  • Only available for non-Tokyo residents (proof of address must be shown on the day)
  • Only available for Minakami adventures Monday- Friday(except public  holidays) 
  • Must be used with Canyons Minakami accommodation; glamping OR lodge (Sunday-Friday)

October 1st onwards

  • Available for all residents of Japan
  • Only available for Minakami adventures (all days)
  • Must be used with Canyons Minakami accommodation; glamping OR lodge (all days)
Instagram Campaign #キャニオンズ2019 !!

Instagram Campaign #キャニオンズ2019 !!

It's the middle of August already, and we want to make sure you're feeling refreshed with our Instagram Hashtag Campaign!!

Upload your photos on Instagram of refreshing experiences at Canyons with the designated hashtag #キャニオンズ2019 for the next two weeks for a chance to win prizes!

The top prize is Canyons tour half-day tickets, along with other prizes that can be used in the summer season (April to October) from 2019 to 2020.

Water Day Wednesdays!

Water Day Wednesdays!

Summer Rafting3
Half price deals on Wednesdays!
The Japanese charaters for Minakami come from "water from above". This is because Minakami is the main source of water for the greater Tokyo area.  The Japanese character for Wednesday also means water. Put the 2 together for AWESOME DEALS!

Early Bird!

Saturday morning rafting super deal!

Early Bird deal 6500 yen


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